About PhxDance.com

About Phx Dance:
 This non-profit “PhxDance.com” website attempts to QUICKLY link you to ballroom and swing dance announcements for the Phoenix, Arizona area.

  • We do this using a Yahoo Group, which is free to announcers and free to dancers.
  • Dancers can  “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” themselves from this group.
  •   . . . . Or they can just BROWSE the announcements — without subscribing to anything.

 Yahoo groups are email announcement systems.  Assuming they are set to “public” (“anyone can view/anyone can join”), they all have these 2 features
  • Feature 1: You can BROWSE dance announcements on a web page in the automatically-created “message archives“.
  • Feature 2: You can also “SUBSCRIBE” or “unsubscribe” yourself, by sending a “blank” email message (no subject, no body necessary) to the appropriate address.
  • Feature 3: Whenever an announcer sends a message, all “subscribers” will get a copy, and the Listserver (Yahoo group) will automatically create a new web page to display that message.

For more information:  Browse the Track2.com Listserver Page or Yahoo’s Yahoo Groups Help page.


Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you can see a little gray-colored chart, that shows you how many messages have been sent each month since the group was started.